Curve into style: Meller's rounded shades elevate your fashion game to the zenith.
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Kubu Amber Carbon
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Chauen Tigris Olive
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Hasan Fog Olive
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Yster Gold Olive
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Achawen Tigris Olive
Kribi Amber Carbon
Nyasa Tigris Olive
Fynn Stone Olive
Aldabra Gold Olive
Kendi Gold Carbon
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Siara All Black
Bashira Salt Kakao
Oni Gold Olive
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Amara Gold Olive

Enhance your style with our timeless rounded sunnies. Universally flattering, this classic shape suits diverse faces, ensuring enduring style.

Are round sunglasses suitable for all face types?

If you have a square, oval, or heart-shaped face, round sunglasses will enhance the natural symmetry and proportions of your face.

Are round sunglasses trendy?

Round sunglasses are considered trendy as they offer a classic and versatile timeless style.