Premium & Sustainable

Meller lanza su nueva línea de handmade bio-acetate glasses made from natural and renewable resources, helping to reduce the dependency on limited fossil sources and the CO2 emissions.

El proceso de elaboración del acetato clásico emplea un químico industrial llamado dietil ftalato. En cambio, nuestro nuevo material de new bio-acetate reemplaza los plastificantes a base de dietil ftalato por aditivos orgánicos, contribuyendo a un medio más limpio y seguro.

Renewable energy
High quality
Durable eyewear
Promotes the sustainable development


Meller launches its new line of handmade acetate sunglasses. Acetate is a high-quality material that offers great durability while adding shine and color to sunglasses. Thanks to the materials that compose cellulose acetate, frames can be manufactured in endless possibilities of colors and shapes, providing exclusivity and high quality in each design.

High Quality
Durable eyewear
Increased resistance