We believe that by committing to a more sustainable way of production, we can improve quality, durability and be more environmentally friendly.

Eco-conscious materials

Reduction of our carbon footprint

Renewable raw materials

Promotes sustainable development


The Bio-based collection is our initiative to provide a more sustainable option within our glasses collection. This product line features frames made from 45% natural resources, significantly reducing our reliance on fossil materials and lowering carbon emissions during the manufacturing process.Not to forget our Bio-acetate collection; it's crafted replacing the traditional acetate (diethyl phthalate), with organic materials, resulting in a more eco-friendly and safer approach that benefits both the environment and enhances people's well-being. This new production process allows us to create frames in a wide variety of colors and shapes, ensuring that each design is both exclusive and of the highest quality.This is our way of contributing to a greener and more eco-conscious approach to eyewear.

Eco-friendly material

Less chemical products

High quality and resistance


Our packaging is crafted from paper and cardboard derived from the fibers of trees in forests. We make sure that the forests where these materials come from are managed responsibly and according to internationally recognized standards. This certification assures us and our customers that we're using sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials for our packaging, without harming the environment.

Forest stewardship council

Recycled bottles made poach

High quality suede