The Bio-based collection aims to offer a more sustainable alternative of our glasses collection. A new product line with a frame made with 45% materials from natural resources which significantly reduces the use of fossil materials and the emission of carbon in its manufacture.

Recycled Bottles

I used to be a bottle is the claim of our Recycled Bottle collection. A new glasses line manufactured with recycled materials in order to offer an ecological alternative in our designs. The frames in this collection are made from 60% recycled bottle's plastic and 40% recycled PETG plastic.


Our glasses premium collection is handcrafted in acetate, a high-quality material that offers great durability while adding shine and color to the sunglasses. Thanks to the materials that make up the cellulose acetate, the frames can be manufactured in an endless number of colors and shapes, providing exclusivity and quality in each design.


All our metal glasses are produced with stainless steel, a resistant and quality material that provides durability and firmness in each product.
It is characterised by being the most environmentally friendly metal as it responds to the principles of sustainability and social responsibility as it is produced with low environmental impact and without waste.

PET Cases

All Meller glasses cases are made of PET, a non-toxic raw material characterized by being durable, flexible and 100% recyclable.


Our packaging is made from paper and cardboard made from forest fibres and is certified to verify that the management of the forests from which the material is sourced meets internationally agreed standards.