Discover the charm of petite elegance with Meller's best-selling small sunglasses.
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Suku Gold Olive
Kribi Tigris Carbon
  • premium
Deka Light Tigris Olive
  • premium
Dotia Caramel Olive
  • premium
Jalil All Black

Our small shades not only enhance your fashion game but also provide effective sun protection for small faces. Explore the versatility of our small sunglass collection, featuring various shapes, styles, and colors to complement your outfit seamlessly.

What is considered a amall size for sunglasses?

You can check the measurements of a specific product in the characteristics section of its page.

How do I know if small sunglasses will suit my face shape?

To determine if small sunglasses will suit your face shape, you can use our virtual try-on we have in our Instagram profile to see how the different models would look on you.